AusTowns – Towns of Australia, great southern (is)land

The Australian traveller

Almost every Australian wants to spend time travelling their great land and finding out its secrets. There is so much of it and so much of it is off the beaten track, on the less travelled way.

Unlike the indigenous peoples, Europeans wanted to put down permanent settlements to go about their business.

So, the history of Australian towns began with the establishment of Sydney Cove in 1788.

Since then many towns have been established, some abandoned, some expanded into vast (our cities sprawl over the land) modern metropolises and many existing somewhere between these extremes.

We exist for the in-between towns, those that the Australian traveller will likely visit on their way around our vast land; those that are less likely to be already known by the rest of us.

So, if you are travelling in Australia; welcome!

Australia from space

NASA satellite composite of Australia

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