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A Massive Country

You know there’s a massive country out there and that sometimes you can do careless things and get away with it. But we hope you learn from your carelessness and don’t repeat them.

Even though this site is dedicated to the towns along the way, we realise that you’ll be travelling and will want to get out of your little metal tin and stretch your legs, go for a stroll or even explore the joint. Just remember Australia is maybe the least tamed country on our planet. It’s desolate, untamed and often dangerous especially if you don’t take some basic precautions – like plenty of water.

This section is where we’re going to put information about those little things you should know that might help you stop being careless.

We all know the environment is fragile and you shouldn’t light fires unless they’re safe. We know you should take care where you swim and don’t strand on the edge of a crumbly cliff in case it gives way. We also know that if we’re travelling light and there’s no one else about, you should make very sure someone knows where you are and when you expect to be back.

But what else?

Anyway, there’s a lot of things you should take care of and this is where we try and tell you about them.

Just remember though that there’s a one thing we can’t teach you – common sense. If you haven’t got it, try and get out with someone who has.

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